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Welcome to ADVARTEC Website !!! ADVARTEC is a small Research & Development company specialized in industrial and medical devices. We offer complex projects realization from the scratch: starting with ideas, design, implementation to production, certification, quality management and technical support. We have over 10 years of experience in managing industrial and medical products from concept throughout the product's life cycle until disposal. We invite you for cooperation.

Contact details

Contact details

Address: ┼╗abia 104 42-400 Zawiercie

Tel: +48 602190641

What we do best...

We are specialized in

- Engineering and design of products for various branches of industry including automotive, medical, IT

- manual / automated assembly line design and organization

- costomized software/firmware applications design

- product integration incuding design, production and certification

- small batch OEM production/assembly

- consulting / advisory services for product developement

- consulting / advisory services for production line design, muda ellimination, assembly line efficiency improvements

- lean manufacturing trainings and implementation

Our skills...

Production management
(+12 years of experience)

R&D management
(+12 years of experience)

Electronics design
(+10 years of experience)

Mechanics design
(+7 years of experience)

Software developement
(+10 years of experience)